I’ve decided to provide a list of things I’ve read and/or am currently reading, with (perhaps) a little commentary, just in case anyone out there on the 'ol internet wants to discuss a book, story, or essay. Hit me up on Twitter or something (or, you know, if we’re friends "IRL," call me: chances are I miss the sound of your voice).

EDIT Jan 2022: Jesus this was out of date. I mostly have blown everything away for the time being.

Currently Reading

This is what’s currently in the cooker:

Either Grendel or Crime and Punishment or something else

I’m in the mood for a reread, I guess.

Distance Cycling by Dan Kehlenbach and John Hughes

Because I’m kinda dumb and think I’m going to try to do a full brevet series this summer (200k, 300k, 400k, and 600k). Not sure reading about it’s going to help, but —

The People, Yes by Carl Sandburg

Yes, still crawling through this one.

Brecht on Theater

HAHA yes, I’m still crawling through this too.

Recently Finished

These are things that are recent enough that I could probably talk about them semi-coherently, if you’d like to have a chat about them:

The Long List

…​I’ll figure out what I mean by this later. For the time being, here are the yearly round-ups (full texts only, I’m afraid):