I’ve decided to provide a list of things I’ve read and/or am currently reading, with (perhaps) a little commentary, just in case anyone out there on the 'ol internet wants to discuss a book, story, or essay. Hit me up on Twitter or something (or, you know, if we’re friends "IRL," call me: chances are I miss the sound of your voice).

EDIT Jan 2022: Jesus this was out of date. I mostly have blown everything away for the time being.

Currently Reading

This is what’s currently in the cooker:

  • The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein

  • Swann’s Way by Proust

  • …​an assortment of chapters from various tech books.

The Long List

…​I’ll figure out what I mean by this later. For the time being, here are the yearly round-ups (full texts only, I’m afraid):