I am a writer and an editor, I like to ride bikes, and occasionally I think it’s fun to write code. (I also enjoy other things.) I use he/him pronouns. My wife and I take care of a cat whose name is George. George is small and grey, and she has a very nice face.

I’m from St. Louis but now live in Boston (OK: I live in a town a little ways outside of Boston). I currently work as a “production specialist” at a technology publisher (you know the one: we publish the “animal books”), though I have worked at software companies (tech writer), bike shops (retail, repairs, marketing), and a small town newspaper (sales—I wasn’t so good at it, but it was a worthwhile experience overall.).

You can find some of my fictions and other work at Defunkt, Sinking City, Taper, Levee Magazine, S/Word, and Volume 1 Brooklyn. I also used to put together a literary and arts journal called Response, which I am very proud of, but alas have yet to re-home on the internet.

I blog erratically here, and I am occasionally on Twitter and Instagram.

This site is built on Jekyll. The posts are written in either Markdown or Asciidoc. It used to be only a blog but then I got tired of maintaining a blog and a resume site and a special projects site so I consolidated. If you spot shitty code or see that something’s broken, please bother me on Twitter.