I am a writer and an editor, I like to ride bikes, and occasionally I think it’s fun to write code. (I also enjoy other things.) I use he/him pronouns. My wife(!) and I take care of a cat whose name is George. George is small and grey, and she has a very nice face.

I’m from St. Louis but now live in Boston (OK: I live in a town a little ways outside of Boston). I currently work as a production editor at a technology publisher (you know the one: we publish the “animal books”), though I have worked at software companies (tech writer), bike shops (retail, repairs, marketing), and a small town newspaper (sales—I wasn’t so good at it, but it was pretty hilarious.).

You can find some of my fictions and other work at Defunkt, Sinking City, Taper, Levee Magazine, S/Word, and Volume 1 Brooklyn. I also put together a literary and arts journal called Response, which I am very proud of.

I blog erratically here, and I am occasionally on Twitter and Instagram.

This site is built on Jekyll. The posts are written in either Markdown or Asciidoc. It used to be only a blog but then I got tired of maintaining a blog and a resume site and a special projects site so I consolidated. If you spot shitty code or see that something’s broken, please let me know. If you want to hire me to do something, you can also let me know, though for the time being I am not planning on taking any contract work.