I have made a few things I think are kind of cool. The following are more or less in "active" development:

Lightweight Markup to PDF Builder (lwm2pdf)

This is a tool I built for myself but I think might be useful to others some day. Note that it is hardly documented at all (code comments yes, README no). It’s still very much in-progress, but you can now install it from PyPI (pip install lwm2pdf).

Asciidoc Writing Helpers (for VS Code)

Another set of things I built for myself and the team I work with, which I also think might be helpful to others. It is now available like any other VS Code Extension.

Old Projects I’m No Longer Maintaining

Here are some old things that I’m not going to continue working on:

An Exercise Book

Pretty much exactly what you’d think.

"A Story as You Like It" by Raymond Queneau, Transposed to the Web (currently offline)

I wrote a little about this here, but basically I took a Queneau story/experiment and made it a website, because that’s probably what it was meant to be all along (websites just hadn’t been invented yet).


This is a poetry-making Chrome extension that my MFA gave me a little money to make. I wrote about it here, and though I haven’t touched it in a long time, it still seems to work all right. A few of my friends have made some pretty dang neat poems with it.

Python Poems (class project, currently offline)

During my MFA I took a class with Lillian-Yvonne Bertram on Digital Poetics (the same thing as computational lit, but, you know, poetics). This is one of the projects that resulted from it, and though it doesn’t work "live," I’m still reasonably proud of some of the code I wrote towards it.

I’ve also got some super-secret stuff in development (that I won’t post here yet because I’d like to try and get them published), but for that you’d need a password. If you are really curious, feel free to reach out.