This week…​

A poem by Ada Limón, whom I’m embarrassed to say I just learned about yesterday.

From a while back, Janet Malcolm writes about a trail from a while back. I really like Janet Malcolm, or rather, I really liked Two Lives.

An interesting look at the idea of home:

"The house isn’t mine. I don’t own it so much as I take care of it. This occurs to me as I work on the roses, cutting away the old canes. I don’t like the roses, but I care for them because they came with the house. As I prune them, I have the sense that all of this—the brick the roses climb, the lath and plaster, the copper pipes, the oak floors, the coal room, the cracked slab on which it all rests—is a gift. Not to me but to the future."

(I found it a very beautiful essay, too.)

A LOL about a Tour de France rider — who seems fine, I just think the idea of a "philosopher-cyclist" is great, and also how do I be one?

And then some things that seemed interesting but TBH I haven’t had the time to read yet:

Happy Wednesday.