Today I want to play a game, and I’m not feeling like doing a proper WWRR post.

That said, I won’t play games in recommending strongly that you stay up to date with what’s going on in Wisconsin. Elliptical as the NYTimes can be about things. And here’s a friendly reminder to donate if you can, protest safely if you can, and vote. We can argue about the efficacy of it later (I’m trying to listen to the reasons; I really don’t like Biden or Harris either but I’m going to vote for them), so please, vote. We desperately need to get rid of 45.

Anyway, instead of the usual thing, I suppose I will embed the links sort of willy-nilly. The game, so far as it exists as a game, will be in terms of how I can sort of align the text with the topic, and then you can decide if it makes sense or not (it very well may not). Some of it, however, I think is important nonetheless.

You may also notice that the site has changed a little bit. I’m thinking about getting rid of my so-called resume site because I’m too lazy to maintain it and/or rewrite it again in a way that’s easier to maintain, so I’ve decided to converge on this, the indelicacy of "bullshit" being in the name be damned.

So anyway, there’s some reading for you. I should also note that I recently finished Nabakov’s Pale Fire, and I heartily recommend that as well. I don’t think I’d really read any Nabakov since high school or college, and it was a nice return. Now I get to read A Room in Dodge City: Vol 2, which is already proving quite the fun romp through David’s rather dark and wild imagination.