As a result of some other (believe it or not, work-related) research and learning, I got my hands on Poetry and finally got around to making the Lightweight Markup to PDF Builder tool I wrote for myself into an actual, pip-installable Python package. Like, it’s on PyPI and everything. This feels like a reasonably fine accomplishment for a hobbyist coder.

I’ve also started writing tests for it (what I am actually trying to learn more about: testing), and we’re at ~82% coverage at the time of writing. It may very well stay what way, too, because some of the stuff I don’t know how to test yet, and if and when I figure that out I probably won’t remember to update the tests here (at least until it comes time to add new features, e.g., I need to spend some time on the smart quotes — hm, it occurs to me that BeautifulSoup probably will help…​). But then, per my aside, I might just add more tests.

Anyway, the tl;dr is that if you’re writing in, say, markdown, to get a Submittable-ready PDF, all you need to do is run:

$ lwm2pdf -i

And it’ll spit out a mygreatstory.pdf file for you to send. I mean, there’s a bit more to it, but that’s the idea.

If you do happen to fiddlefuck with it and find bugs and/or have ideas and things, I’d like to try using the issues feature, so send in some issues.