Last time I was bitching and moaning about my phone and the time it steals from me and so I did delete many things off my phone. I was going to say that I hadn’t really noticed all that much difference, but then I realized that instead of getting notified last night that there is, indeed, another pre-work casual bike ride tomorrow morning via Instagram and then wasting whatever time was left on dinner timer, I read a book during that time instead: a philosophy book, no less. So that’s got to be something like proof.

Pudding? Well, two things really:

  1. Alia was going to make a bunch of pudding for treats at town day, but I guess you can’t do puddings as a licensed residential kitchen (because of the temperature thing), so I’ve been craving pudding.

  2. It’s like…​ three or four of my friends' birthdays today. September, amirite?

But to return to the phone thing, I have not really started any major work on that novel that everyone assumes (correctly) that I’m (not really) writing. I have done a little work here and there on other things. I met some new writers last week at the Program Bar and swapped work with one of them (it was good; I owe them more feedback). I was pleased that though I am not in the program any longer that the Program Bar is still a thing, and I am thankful that they have a patio. This is to say that the lack of social medias on my phone hasn’t yet turned me into this wildly productive person that I was hoping it would over night, but then: I really wasn’t expecting it to (nor should I have). It has given me a little more — I don’t know — headspace? My mind has wandered a little more and that’s been good. I can take walk breaks at work around the city and not feel like I need to look at my phone or listen to a podcast (OK: maybe I’m just all caught up on The History Of English Podcast, but still).

I am still not caught up with personal emails (sorry, David), but I’ve been thinking it’s near time to get Response going again. I also probably need to redesign that website. Oh well.

I continue to spend much of my time at various WeWorks around Boston (I have access to some of the bike rooms, too, finally). I’ve spent a lot of time in the past month writing code. It’s made me think about doing a nonfiction project. Or rather: raising an old idea from the ashes. We’ll see, we’ll see.

But all this programming has got me thinking about math and about that kind of proof again (see how I brought it back around?). I started inching my way through Set Theory, Logic and their Limitations again. I’m sure it’s (still) too hard for me, but it was nice to read about weak and strong induction again.

But we’ll see where all this gets me. I should write a bikes post next time.