I have been saving links but TBH so many of them are old at this point.

I’ve been very busy at work.

I don’t much feel like going through the links.

I read Romantic poetry for the first time in a long time and I’d forgotten how much I love Lyrical Ballads. Still trying to figure out the early H.D. in the anthology I’m perusing, but I think I’m starting to get there.

I have work to do!

Alia and I got married last weekend, just the two of us, in the wet and melting snow, at the old train station in the town center, and it was very nice.

I finally finished a project I’ve been procrastinating (or at least: finished this phase of it).

Writing is slow but happening.

I miss my friends.

We’ve determined to do The Second Sex next in Foucault Club (named for the first book we read) after we finish The Logic of Sensation. I admit I’m struggling to get into the Deleuze; I’m not sure why I’m so resistant.

As it is after Halloween, our heat is now on in New England.

(Yes, this is thinking a little about the Carole Maso essay I mention over on the Reading page — also yikes that won’t be evergreen, will it? — called "Notes of a Lyric Artist Working in Prose.")

I’m tired and it’s only Wednesday.

Our friend who used to live downstairs got a new cat named Wednesday.

I’ve been thinking about rereading Nausea.

Our well-published and wonderful writer friend Chelsey stayed with us and made me send out a bunch of stories to journals.

Response 02 came in the mail — I really need to get those out to the contributors! I’m using having gotten married as an excuse.

I wrote and commented out a bunch of political stuff.

We went apple picking and last night we made two apple pies.

I’m looking forward to starting work on the novel again. Soon.