So, was out (too) late with the poets and writers last night and got home fine, say around 10. Nevertheless, we were up reading Crazy Rich Asians aloud and then it was after midnight. It was a very fun evening, but I did not get to sleep when I intended to.

Fast forward to this morning, when I’m up around ~6:20 to make lunch, get my shit together for the first day, and go meet my friend Adam for breakfast to catch up and also swap back some bike parts and things that we’d lent, borrowed, etc. I leave the house with more or less everything (too much, really: an extra pair of pants at least), but forget that I’m going to shower when I get to school, as I’ll be biking the eleven miles from where I live down to school. Ok, no problem: there’s a grocery store on the way. Also forgot shower-sandals, but once won’t kill me, right? (We’ll see.)

Anyway, great.

So I go and meet Adam, and am only a little late (and let’s be fair: I am about as late as I always am to meet him, so I am at least predictable), and we have a lovely breakfast and conversation at this brewery that is also a coffee shop in the morning. He needs to leave for work at a time, we head out after that time, it’s great. Talk bikes, libraries, computers, etc. All good things.


So then I’m biking from Cambridge to Dorchester and it’s rush hour, and in Boston, rush hour is rush hour in the bike lane, too. But I’m following a dude on a spray-painted (what I believe is a) State CX bike turned fixie and it’s cool. A few interesting interactions, mostly with pedestrians today (which is unusual, it’s typically cars), but I make it down to DOT just fine.

But then I get to the grocery store. Star Market. There’s one by my house, and though it’s not my favorite grocery it’s a fine one. There are worse things, really, than not having access to my preferred grocery store (i.e., Market Basket). I go to the mini/travel aisle, and am disappointed with what I see. There’s no shampoo-and-conditioner (asking for a small thing of Head & Shoulders, my standard mass-pick, would be too much). And there’s no good body wash. There’s bar soap, but I can’t really take that away with me at the end of the day. Fine, I’ll go see if they have Dr. Bronners (i.e., “Doctor Boner”). I have a nice chat with the stockist, who is sweet but ultimately unhelpful.

So I choose one of the two options that they have for mini body wash. The options are Axe and Old Spice. I choose Old Spice, but I’m not happy about it.

So I shower. Wash. And now I smell like an adolescent boy.

I wonder if I oughtn’t have just rinsed off.

Anyway, last first day of graduate school. Wheeeeeeeeee

(Also, I’m sitting in the class I’m TAing, first time doing so, and man I forgot how great undergraduate syllabus days are. I think I’m going to enjoy working with this professor.)