1. My middle brother got engaged, whoo!
  2. Acadia NP is really pretty pretty. Coast plus good hiking with good views. Yesterday did a great hike with A. and my Dad and it was marvelous.
  3. They have vegan soft-serve ice cream in Bar Harbor. Enough said.
  4. Bike shops are silly. Especially when you’re checking out with some streamers for your girlfriend’s bike (will have to see about fitting them into the end-caps…), a shop water bottle (no shop caps, boo hoo), and then the dude says, “You work at a bike shop?” Because of course you do. So you shoot the shit. And then you leave a postcard you’d meant to mail on the counter, and have to go back. And everything is lovely. And you still need a new cycling cap, because the nice white one you have is stained red (?) from your sweat this summer.
  5. Family time is family time. Last night we took personality quizzes and it was hilarious.
  6. Boats are not good for people with seasickness.
  7. My kid brother and his friend look adorable on the little rental motor scooters.
  8. While not as much downtime as one perhaps might have wanted, still pretty good so far, still some time to have down. Time enough to spin up one of these, at the v. least.