…and it has also given me some time to realize that Jekyll (what I use to make this site happen) magically fixed itself. Or, rather, in their update about the whole meltdown thing, Apple decided to fix whatever weird Ruby path problem in the library that was causing the issue.

All of which is to say, I swear I’d meant to be doing more of this. I promise.

As I write, it’s just past midnight and the winds are still really howling. I need to go to bed; I was off work today, but tomorrow I’ll be taking the bus. Took the fat bike in on Wednesday, but alas: it’s going to be colder than I care to ride in on my way home tomorrow. Call me a baby, sure, but I don’t fancy getting blown off the Longfellow bridge.

Today was spent at home with A. and the cat and then I shoveled some snow. We got about a foot. I did some other things. I worked on preparing a story or two to send to some journals. I emailed some old friends whom I haven’t seen in too long, who I’ve been neglecting keeping in touch with. I baked chocolate chip cookies. I drank hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps in it, because I don’t care that it’s technically out of season, and what else are you going to do with peppermint schnapps?

I don’t really have new years resolutions. I’ll try to write some things here, and maybe it’ll be often enough that people will look at it. But probably not. I’m a busy guy, after all.