Some thoughts I’ve had over the past few days:

  1. It’s weird that they offer financing on bikes. Like, it makes sense in a weird way, but it’s weird that you can finance a $500 fixie/ss.
  2. We’re all fucked (w/r/t the state of the world)
  3. Swimming in cold lakes in the middle of a fat bike/MTB ride is a lot of fun. It is also very cold.
  4. I can’t tell if the short story collection I’m reading right now is very good or just opaque.
  5. (I also don’t think I’m in the right state of mind to be reading short stories critically right now — not because of drugs, mind, but because there’s so much going on and I’m tired by the time I get to my reading for the day.)
  6. Blogging regularly is hard. Also I should have through this whole “stick to a theme” thing through more carefully.
  7. I don’t really like my job, but it’s nice that they let me ride my bike to see (certain) clients. Also the weather has been gorgeous.
  8. George (the cat) is very cute.

George the Cat