A long time ago I went to a very strange AWP in the midst of the transition from the "before times" to the "pandemic times" and met this guy named David Leo Rice who was signing books at a booth my friend wanted to stop at. So we talked, I got a book, and then later ran into him during a layover in St. Louis, so I asked if he wanted to grab some food, and we had a lovely chat. We kept in touch, and when the next installment of the book I’d gotten from him, A Room in Dodge City: Volume 2, came out, I saw the publisher was sending out ARCs (advance reader copies) and I asked for one, and said "Hey, do you want to do an interview?" So we did. He’d been busy since then, doing a short story collection, putting together a book of essays about David Cronenberg, and also writing another novel called The New House. So we did another interview, and you can read it here. It’s really good an interesting, if I do say so myself.