This past week was my first week “done” with school (for the semester) and first full week of work, which is to say, I worked four days and am taking the long holiday weekend off to go marry some friends of mine (I’m officiating). Presently, I’m sitting in Boston Logan in skinny pants, a tee-shirt, all-black chucks, and suit jacket (because wrinkles) waiting to fly to New York like a bonafide writer-guy (hipster glasses and ball-cap included), though really I’ll just be waiting to take another flight to St. Louis (yay).

I haven’t gotten a lot done this week.

(EDIT: friends whom I’m marrying, don’t worry, I got you).

But so far as my “goals,” (about which A. and I have had many meetings and discussions the past few weeks), I’m a little slack; instead of writing last night, I got caught working late, instead of finishing my final paper last Wednesday, it was done Monday morning (due Monday at noon), and I’ve still got some work to do before the wedding (again, friends: no need for alarm). It’s been a little hectic, this transition, and I’ve felt a little off-balance the past few weeks. Too much responsibility to too many things.

Of course, it’s not all bad. I get to ride my fancy-new bike a lot (more on this in the future). A. and I have figured out both a better schedule for more hanging-out time as well as a new show to watch since we’ve finally finished The Office (we’re going even farther back: The West Wing). And there’s still books, which are nice to read even if my attempts at writing them are going a little more slowly and poorly than I’d like. I (finally) finished Ozick’s The Pagan Rabbi and Other Stories the other night sitting at The Sevens (only bar I’ve found so far in Boston with a half-way decent dark pub ale), and that was amazing on a number of levels (she’s so good!).

More to the point, things are getting a little better all the time (cue music). And last night, I have a marvelous ride home. Although there’s an issue with this guy and his tire I’ve still got to sort out (slanderous Google Reviews should be illegal), I stayed late last night to sell an extra bike (no commission, but it still feels good), and since it’s nearly-summer out, I got to ride home in towards the sunset, and was able to catch the Bryn Mawr Book Store right before they closed, and had a lovely chat with the proprietor (although I was literally two minutes till close, so I didn’t stay long, but nice to finally step into the shop I pass by almost every day on my commute), and then I saw my friend Christie walking with one of her friends on the path around Fresh Pond, and had a lovely chat with her before finishing the rest of the ride home. Then I made delicious food with the fancy-new Cast Iron pan we got a few weeks ago. Seriously delicious.

Although I’m worn from the week, all told I racked up just over 72 miles of riding for the week, the most I’ve done in a while, I played ultimate for the first time in god knows how long, I finished my final assignment and so the semester, sold a bunch of bikes and did some other semi-useful things at work, and hey: I’m starting this fucking thing back up again.

So it could be worse, is what I’m saying.