It’s been too long since I’ve done a bikes post, so here’s a bikes post.

Once a week I get up (real) early (for me) to meet a friend or two at Davis Sq. and ride bikes before work. Given my commute to Davis and then to work it ends up being ~17 miles. It’s a good amount of miles before work at a pretty easy pace, and there is always a stop for coffee and usually pastries, too. It’s kind of funny because it’s on the same day that I have my team meeting at work, and since the whole WeWork thing we usually all try to go to the same place on those days for that meeting.

We chat and BS and sometimes get philosophical, too, e.g., "What would the Spice Girls be called now?"

Some possible answers included:

  • Pumpkin Spice

  • Social Spice

  • Streaming Spice

All in all it’s a pretty good time, and I’m real glad I went this week because though I’ve been frankly exhausted and tired and real busy at work, the socializing and the moving and everything else is real good for me, and since I’ve managed to weasel my way into the bike room at one of the WeWork buildings, I rode my “nice bike” this week, which was great because I haven’t really been riding it that much since I started commuting again (instead opting for the "State Bike," which I guess I haven’t written about yet, but, you know, it’s a lock-outside-bike; I’ll write about it eventually — it’s pretty cool, I guess).

Bikes are fun, is the point. So is friendship.

Oh, and since it’s Wednesday, here’s some recommended reading: