A little late, but ne’er the less: D2R2 was fuggin amazing. So fun. We did the 100k route, which included a chill 6,956 ft of elevation gain (according to Strava), a new personal-most-screaming-scary-fun fastest speed ever on a bike downhill at about 40mph, and also, you know, the longest ride I’ve ever done.

So, fucking fun.

It was also a great mix of real roads, dirtish roads, some more double-track-ish stuff, and general tom-foolery. The stragger performed admirably, as it was basically built for this ride (I’m only sort of kidding: it’s why I went with a 40T chainring initially). I fucking love that bike. But anyway. It was also the first big ride on the recently de-tubed tires, which also performed admirably. They do seem to lose air a bit faster than the tubes, but I also may just need to add a bit more sealant. In any case, tubeless is fun.

The other great thing about this ride (maybe the best thing, to be honest), was the company: I did it with my buddy Alex from work, and Shire from goaltimate, along with his cousin and his cousin’s buddy. With Alex, it was all fun and friendship (plus neither of us got much sleep the night before, so also bonding — though to be fair I think I had an hour’s sleep on him), and with Shire, a friendship I’ve been meaning to ramp up for a while, and with the other two guys… well, turns out they were great fucking riding buddies. Even if the one guy was riding a full-carbon duraché Di2 Open U.P. It was surprising how well matched we all were (more or less) as a riding group, and good people and times all around.

Personally, I felt pretty fucking great, even though I didn’t get as much sleep as maybe would have been ideal. I’m also proud to say that I made it up all the climbs, even the shitty, rained-out MTB uphills (thank you, Northlands-Wisco-Ashland-Bayfield-Washburn fat biking gang, for teaching me how to ride up stupid-steep fire/ATV roads). I was even the first one up, a few times. So that was cool.

So far as the downhills — wheeeeeee — well, let me just say I have never before “run out of gears” at the top, nor have I ever gone from my biggest cog in the back to the smallest, and then spun out on that one as many times as I did that weekend. Do I regret the single-ring setup? Fuck no. Did I at some times think I should run a 38T, and then at other times at least at 42T? Yes. Will I maybe someday invest in that really cool Velo Orange Rando crank? Maybe. We’ll see.

In conclusion: D2R2 was fucking awesome. 10/10. Would recommend. Will do again. Maybe even a longer one. TBD.

The Bikes

Me at the start


Alex, "Sexy Face"


Me n' Alex at the End